Signs That Your System is in Need of Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair

Sprinklers can help keep your lawn from becoming a barren wasteland during the dryer parts of the year. In order to keep these devices running properly, you’ll have to keep an eye out for warnings or signs that repairs are needed. It’s important to be able to decipher these messages and find a new sprinkler […]

Plants That Thrive In The Florida Landscape

When choosing plants for your landscape project, one factor that you need to consider is the ability of the plant to thrive. Southwest Florida experiences both excessively wet spells as well as very dry spells. Let’s consider the dryer conditions. Since many plants that thrive in heavy rain, don’t cope so well with a lack […]

Reasons To Leave Retaining Wall Construction To Landscaping Experts

A retaining wall is suitable for a property with a slope. Retaining walls improve the appearance of a sloped landscape by making it look put together and finished. Aside from the benefits of retaining walls in improving the visual appeal of your landscape, the walls are also known for preventing the soil from creeping its […]

Reasons To Hire An Irrigation Service Company

Are you planning to install an irrigation system in your lawn? While doing this job yourself can save you money, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to complete the job successfully. There are aspects of irrigation system installation that should be left to the professionals. Since the system is complex, you can expect the […]

Common Landscaping Challenges And Their Solutions

Landscaping makes your home more appealing. It provides an additional attraction to your visitors and seeing flowers bloom is a sight to behold. Every yard has unique needs that you have to pay special attention to. When designing a landscape, it needs to be functional and inviting to your visitors. However, keeping your landscape as […]

Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

When it’s winter, you’ll notice that your lawn becomes dormant and the plant has a slow growth rate. This is because of the infrequent cold weather that causes the grass to go into shock. You can increase your lawn’s chance of looking good all winter if you consider winterizing it. Be sure to employ proper lawn care […]

Lighting, Landscaping, Irrigation

Project Description For this Cape Coral residential property we added a new irrigation system, new landscaping and landscape lighting.

Fort Myers Landscape Lighting

Project Description This Fort Myers property owner wanted to add a little more excitement to the exterior.  Although they loved their landscaping they felt it needed a little more.  We designed and installed landscape lighting to accent the front of their house and to up light their trees in the front landscape island.  They loved […]

Play Area, Mulch, Irrigation and Sod

Project Description For this residential duplex in Cape Coral R & R Sprinkler and Landscape installed a new 7 zone irrigation system with automatic timer and rain sensor.  We also performed a sod kill, removed old sod and installed almost 12,000 square feet of brand new Floratam sod.  We also created a unique play area […]

Irrigation & Landscaping

Project Description For the Tondreau residence we provided a new irrigation system and new landscaping. IRRIGATION We installed a new 5 zone irrigation system with 26 spray heads and 9 rotor heads. All of the sprinkler systems that R & R Sprinkler installs include an automatic control box and a rain sensor. LANDSCAPING We beautified […]