Irrigation Installation

Rotor Sprinkler Heads

We provide new irrigation systems for commercial and residential properties. Installing a sprinkler system to any property adds value and helps with curb appeal since it will help to keep your grass green and your landscaping plush. We use commercial grade components in our sprinkler installations. Each new system comes with an automatic timer, a […]

Irrigation Maintenance Contracts

Having a plan will save you money! At R & R Sprinkler and Landscape, we know how important it is for our customers to save money. That is why we developed irrigation maintenance contracts that will save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. Maintenance contracts ensure that irrigation systems are checked periodically to ensure […]

Irrigation Service And Repair

Broken Sprinkler Head

We service all types of sprinkler systems regardless if we installed them or not. We have one of the largest volumes of repeat service customers in the area. We have customers that have had us service and maintain their irrigation systems for upward of 30 years. Our service technicians are knowledgeable and proficient in all […]

Irrigation System Renovation

Mist head with flowers

Our properties are not always going to remain the same. Over the years we will decide to add pools, put additions on our homes and install new landscaping. All of these actions require your irrigation system to be renovated to accommodate the changes. If you are going to have any type of construction activity on […]

Pump And Well Service

Are you in need of a pump or well repair? R & R Sprinkler and Landscape offers pump and well repair service. We will work with you to obtain the results you are looking for.

Backflow Certified

Backflow Diagram

Backflow prevention is mandated by regulatory agencies to keep our potable water sources clean and suitable for consumption. A “backflow” of contaminated water would prevent us from safely using our public source of water. To prevent contaminated water from entering our clean water a backflow prevention device should be installed at the cross connection of […]

Landscape Design

The key to a successful landscape is planning. Starting with a solid design is the first step, whether you are renovating your current landscape or starting with bare soil. Our landscape designers take your ideas and create a plan unique to your home, then our installers make your vision come to life! First, a member […]

Landscape Renovations

If your existing landscaping is starting to look outdated and overgrown then a landscape renovation is what you need. Renovating landscaping can be as simple as some plant grooming and adding colorful perennials to the front of your house or can be as elaborate as a complete clean out to start over with a clean […]

Rock, Mulch, Straw, & More

Landscape beds and landscape islands usually have a combination of trees, palms, shrubs and flowers as thriving species. Included in landscaping packages are ground coverings like rock, mulch and straw. The purposes of these products are: Keeps soil moist and cool Assists in weed control Prevents soil erosion Minimizes soil borne diseases Allows landscape plants […]

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting originally started out a security feature on commercial properties to light sidewalks, parking lots and pathways.  Now, landscape lighting is an art form to turn any public or private property into an illuminated masterpiece. Less is more with landscape lighting.  The key to providing an eloquent landscape lighting package to not OVER illuminate […]